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Create a New Master Form

Correct Fiscal Period

Before creating a new master form you need to ensure you are in the correct fiscal period. 

If you are building a new Formever business system then almost always you will be creating your master forms in the year start period (YSP) of the first year of the fiscal calendar.

If you are creating a new master form in an existing operational Formever business system then you need to consider in which period to create the new master form. This is more of a business decision than a technical consideration. Typically this would be done when you want to make a change in business logic to take effect in a particular accounting period. If you are just adding some functionality or correcting some issue it is best to do that change in the period that established the existing current business logic. Often that is the first accounting period of the system.

Changing a master form in a future period will prevent any changes to the master form in prior periods. So it is a decision to essentially shift the business logic to that new period and shut down any changes in logic to prior periods. In that way it is a business decision. You have to be certain that you have closed down the periods before the period the business logic is changed in and there is no possibility of wanting to change any logic in that time range.

Starting New Blank Master Form

Once you are in the correct fiscal period open the Master Forms selection list and make sure it is unlocked

Click the Get a Blank Master Form button. The setup form for starting a new master form will display. A few details need to be specified before you can begin designing the master form:

First page of creating a new master form - Need to specify name and master form type

Form Name

Click to the right of the text Form Name: to enter a name for the form. It is better to not use a pluralized name. For example, Customer not Customers, or Vendor Bill not Vendor Bills. 

Master Form Type

Click on the Not set yet text beside Master form type: to cycle through the possibilities: Entity or Transaction.

General Ledger Account

For Entity master form types you also need to specify if the new entity master form is the general ledger account master form. The default setting is No. Once a G/L Account master form is created this question is no longer presented.

Detail showing selection of Entity Master Form Type

Transaction Type

If you are creating a transaction master form you will also need to specify the Transaction Type code. This a two letter code specific to your business. Typical codes might be AP for Accounts Payable, JE for Journal Entry,

Detail showing selection of Transaction Master Form Type - Unexpanded
Detail showing selection of Transaction Master Form Type with Transaction Type details

After entering the name for the new master form and specifying the master form type the text link Click here to continue set up of master form will appear at the bottom of the form. Click it to display the master form designer.

Specifying new master form name and type
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