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For any business management system to be of use it must be able to calculate things. Formever is no different. In Formever calculated results are called Definitions

Definitions are found on the back side of a Master Form and describe the calculation of a named result for that form type. Definitions can be used:

  • in other definitions
  • in report designs
  • in form and field procedures
  • in export designs.

Definitions can be as simple as multiplying an item price by count to get the total amount. Definitions can also be complex, such as getting a form stack of all invoices with unpaid balances older than 60 days and a unpaid balance exceeding $10,000. 

Definitions are specific to the context of the data form and reachable fields on other forms that are associated with the form.

Transaction Forms

Transaction MF have a default (modifiable) definition for posting description. 

Definition Levels

A master form has at least one set of definitions (and procedures) . These are sometimes referred to as top-level, or form level.  

Detail Lines Field

If a master form has one or more detail lines fields, then each detail lines field will have its own set of definitions (and procedures).  These are also accessed from the back of the master form.

Master Form Capacities

Front side: maximum of 300 fields

Back side: total maximum of 700 definitions and procedures. Procedure steps are not counted in the total.  It’s not quite that simple. But for most systems you won’t run into these limits.


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