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Master Form Fields

Master Form field templates are used to specify the data to be capture on a form.

Drag and drop field templates on the form layout area to design a data capture form.

Available field templates are:

  • Choice Field
  • Date Field
  • Description Field
  • Detail Lines Field
  • Form Code Field
  • Form Reference Field
  • Note Field
  • Pattern Text Field
  • Quantity Field
  • Stapled File Field

Master Form Capacities

Front side: maximum of 300 fields 

Back side: total maximum of 700 definitions and procedures. Procedure steps are not counted in the total.  It’s not quite that simple. See Procedures for more details.

Field Events

Most fields generate events that can then be handled by Field Procedures. Field procedures are defined on the back side of the master form. These procedures operate within the context of the data form

Field events are:

  • Field changed (excluding Form Reference field and Pattern Text field)
  • Field is valid/invalid (Form Reference field and Pattern Text field only)
  • Action button clicked

Most fields produce the changed event. This is produced with each keystroke in the input component of the field. The Form Reference and Pattern Text fields produce the valid/invalid events. The action button produces field clicked event.

Using the field events you can perform various procedures. For example, when a customer form reference field is filled in and generates the ‘field is valid’ event the procedure can do things like get the sum of outstanding invoices associated with that customer and display the quantity on the data form. 

Find more about field events and procedures by reading the documentation for Master Form – Back Side.



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