About Formever

Formever® is software for creating secure systems to manage your business. Formever is designed to enable non-programmers to create business systems. The less you know about programming and the more you know about your business the better. One of the goals of Formever is to bring control of business systems back to the people that know the business and get it out of the hands of technology people. With Formever you can create and modify your business system when you want and do it in days rather than months or years — and avoid spending obscene amounts of money.

Big Business or Small

Businesses use Formever to create multi-user, secure, multi-language business systems that are very specific to the way their business operates. The systems they create are easy to understand and easy to use. 

Formever is also for small business. As a computer literate small business owner you can create a single user business system that runs on your laptop or desktop. If you can use Excel you are capable of designing a Formever business system for your business.