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Master Form

Master Forms define the data entry forms used by your business. For example, Customer Invoice, Vendor, General Ledger Account.

A Master Form is a template for a data entry form. The template is copied when a form is needed to capture business data.

A Master Form has two sides.

  1. Front Side holding fields for capturing data
  2. Back Side holding definitions and procedures related to the Master Form type

Accessing Master Forms

Master forms are contained in the Master Forms selection list found on the Formever Desktop.

Depending on director access rights the Master Forms selection list might not be visible to all directors. Typically the Executive Director is responsible for creating and modifying master forms.

Open the Master Forms selection list and a selection list similar to the image below will display.

Master Forms Desktop Icon
Opened Master Forms Selection List

To create a new master form click the ‘Get Blank Master Form’ button. 

To open an existing master form click on the master form name in the list.

Note: The Lock Control must set to UNLOCKED before a master form can be edited. The intent of this control is to help prevent accidental changes. Lock the control when finished editing master forms. Generally, it is best to keep this locked for all fiscal periods.

# Setting Label Description
#1 Get Blank Master Form Create a new blank master form ready for design
#2 Selection List Type Name of the forms listed in the selection list
#3 Current Fiscal Period Reminder of the fiscal period you are currently operating in.
#4 Range Indicator Indicates which sub-set of master forms in the list are showing.
#5 Lock Control The Master Form Selection list can be locked to prevent creation or modification of master forms. Locks are per fiscal period.
#6 List of Master Forms Names List of Master Forms Names


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