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Latest Release

Release: 12.0.0 Software Version: 1354 SS 6
Released: Wed Nov 22/2023 13:54 PST

Windows Installation

Download the Windows version of the software and double-click the downloaded exe and follow the prompts. 

Once the software is installed you can run it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (if you accepted a desktop icon during the install) or go to the Start menu, go to All Programs, choose Formever and run the software from there.

MacOS Installation

Download the Mac version of the software and click on the install package. You will be guided through the installation procedure. You may have to enter your OSX admin password to permit the installation.

Once it is installed you can run Formever from the Applications folder or drag the application to the dock so it is always there.

Updating to the Latest Version of Formever

All updates to Formever are free. Updates for cloud service Formever are automatic. To update your stand-alone desktop Formever see the FAQ for details. It’s quick and easy. 

Upgrading to Cloud service

Formever can be used in the cloud or as a stand-alone application on your computer. You can use it in stand-alone mode until you decide you want to use it in the cloud. With a click of a button you can securely move your data to encrypted cloud storage account. See the FAQ for more details.

Supported Platforms

Formever works on MacOS 10.12+,  Windows 8+ and Linux.

MacOS and Windows are always supported. 

Linux available on request.


No Rollback

After installing a production release it is not possible to roll-back to a previous version of Formever.