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Dynamic Context References

Expanding the field category Dynamic Context References offers fields that are similar to context references but with an important difference.

In a context reference a master form is chosen and used like it was an actual reference on the form even though it is not. It is assumed that any definition using this context reference will only be evaluated when that form is in context.

A dynamic reference chooses the master form and field but it assumes that some form will be in context that has the exact same label as the chosen field and is of the same time.

For example suppose you had a group of forms that could impact the bank account. On each one there is a field called ‘Cleared’ which is a choice field with two states: Cleared, Not Cleared. You wish to have an active report that when an item is clicked that flag will be toggled. If you use a dynamic context reference, then any form you click will be checked for a choice field with the same label.

Dynamic context references will be used much more often when ‘heterogeneous form stacks’ are implemented. These are form stacks consisting of different types of forms. It requires dynamic context references to be able to express sort and selection conditions as well as quantities that can be summed.

Field chooser highlighting dynamic context references category
Field Chooser showing Definition using Dynamic Context Reference
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