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Special Field

Expanding the field category Special Fields in the field chooser will display fields that do not belong in the other field categories.
A special field is usually data that is coming from a source other than a field on the form being processed.
Current special fields:
  • Stapled File File Name – When constructing a text block to describe a stapled file field the name of the file is offered. This is extracted from the meta data kept about a file when it is attached to a form.
  • G/L Description – All Postings are in a hidden list of Postings inside all transactions that are posted to the G/L. Every transaction has a G/L Description which is text block definition that is guaranteed to be on a transaction.
    This special field allows a designer to select the G/L description from the owner transaction when dealing with a Posting on a report. When the report executes Formever will reach through to the transaction that generated the Posting and use the G/L description from it.
  • Transaction Date – Similar to the G/L description transaction date is offered as a special field when the designer is working with a Posting. Formever will reach through the list of postings on a transaction and get the transaction date from the owner transaction.
  • Whole Form – In detail line definitions the Special Fields category provides a reference to the top level of the current form. This gives you access to fields at the top level of the form.
As Formever gains more features there are likely to be more special fields. Certainly more meta data from a staple file could be added.
Working on definitions in details block of Customer Payment master form. Field chooser highlighting special fields category.
After choosing special fields category. Shows whole form reference to Customer Payments which contains the details block.
After selecting whole form Customer Payments (current Master Form), now showing field categories at the top level of the form.
Field chooser special fields showing top of Customer Payments form fields.
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