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The Meaning of Quantity

Introduction to Quantities in Formever

Formever is intended for world wide use. Consequently it supports all world currencies and a vast array of units of measurement and counting. From Malaysian pau to Nepal Real Estate measure millikattha to South African Geodetic Foot you will find it in Formever. 

In Formever every quantity is an amount of something. Businesses deal in amounts. They deal with weight, volume, area, linear measures, counts, currency, rates etc.

In Formever a quantity is more than just a number. A quantity is a number that knows what it represents. 

In Formever a Quantity can represent amounts in the following broad categories

For an introduction to each of these broad quantity categories click on the above bullets. Click on the links for details on how Formever does quantity calculations and quantity conversions

Full details of the Quantity field are documented here along with all the other fields used in Formever.


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