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Desktop Widgets

Desktop widgets are graphical control objects on the Formever desktop. They can be moved around on the desktop and zoomed to become smaller or larger. This allows you to organize your working area to be effective for yourself. Other users will have their own arrangement.

There are a number of desktop control widgets that might appear on the desktop:

  • Folders
  • Data Forms
  • Selection Lists
  • Report Requestor
  • Exports Requestor
  • Importer
  • Master Forms
  • Report Designs
  • Accounting Period Switcher
  • Admin Access Control
  • Help 
  • Exit

On a single user (desktop) Formever system all widgets will be visible on the desktop.

On a multi-user (cloud or desktop) Formever system which widgets are visible depends upon the director group access rights. The access rights also control access to other system resources such as reports and exporter designs.


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