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Form Code Fields

Form Code Fields

Multi-part codes
For a multi-part form code, do not enter the hyphens.
Example: For the code BR-123, the spreadsheet data should be BR123.

Codes with entity parts
The entity file being referenced must come first in the import file or already exist in the database.

Sequential form codes
A form code consisting of one sequential part is not a data entry field, so do not define or enter it in the spreadsheet.

Codes with sequential parts
Leave the sequential part blank.
Example: The pattern is AAA-*** (three letters followed by a 3-digit sequence number assigned by Formever). The spreadsheet data will be the three letters only.

Form codes parts with leading zeroes
If the data is numeric and the spreadsheet data is shorter than the number of digits in the code field, the importer will insert leading zeroes.
Example: The code is 0056. If the spreadsheet data is 56, the importer will fill the field as 0056.

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