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How Import Works

  1. Create a spreadsheet with your data (see below) and save it in .csv (comma separated values) format.
  2. In Formever, switch to Form Design Mode*. Double click the Importer to open, press “IMPORT DATA” and choose your spreadsheet file.
  3. The Importer checks the spreadsheet for errors.
  4. It then creates a restore point.
  5. The Importer creates and fills data forms with the data from the spreadsheet. If you have the showwork option on, you can watch the forms being filled. You can pause or cancel the import while it is in progress.
    If there are any data errors, the importer stops. After you fix the errors, you have two choices on how to proceed:
    • Roll back to the restore point and repeat the import again,
    • Edit the spreadsheet and remove (or comment out) the rows of the successfully filed data and continue from the line where the Importer stopped.
  6. If you wish to remove the data forms that had been created, you can restore your system to the pre-import version. The importer names the restore point as "formever_import-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS

In multi-user Formever systems although you can import data while the system is in-use it is good procedure to switch to Form Design mode, tell other users to log-off, then do your import. That way if there are any issues and you want to revert to the restore point created during the import attempt, any data enter by other users during the import will not be lost. 

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