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Introduction to Importing Data

The Formever importer is used to bring in external data via a spreadsheet file and adding it to your system. It does this  in a somewhat unique way.

Acting a bit like a "robot" the importer  simulates manual data entry and follows all the data entry conventions of your form designs. The Importer creates the appropriate Formever data form, fills it with data from the spreadsheet file (one data form per row) and then files the data form. 

You can watch the importer import the data and fill in the data forms, or you can tell it not to show this activity.

Multiple form types can be filled in multiple periods from one spreadsheet file. Or you can have one file per each master form type. Whatever is convenient to your circumstance. But usually one form type per import file is easier and cleaner.

A PDF download of the instructions is available. 

If you haven’t already read this article about importing data from your old system.

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