Release Notes

FORMEVER is currently at release 11.9.16


This 11.9 series has mainly concentrated on bug fixing and completing missing functionality. The goal is for the existing software to have as complete set of functionality as possible given the existing architectures. There have been some fairly major functionality added, such as active reports.
Upcoming features are concerned with making the system development process easier for designers while working on running systems. Also making the development process easier for teams of designers. Upcoming features include abilities to do major revisions to the system such as removing master forms and reports, cleaning out test data to start with an empty database and moving forms between accounting periods.
Another part of upcoming v11 features is fixes to the interface. Selection lists need sorting and filtering as well as the ability to customize the look of the list.














The Version 12 series will concentrate on designer tools. The current designer tools are awkward and slow down development. Color choosing is laborious and requires too many mouse clicks. Forms with a large number of definitions are unwieldy and need the ability to categorize, sort and select definitions. The dependency analysis is too slow and needs to be sped up and also made more useable so that dependencies can be easily seen. The editor for procedures requires rewriting of logic structures for even minor changes. This needs to be streamlined so that logic blocks can be dragged and dropped into different levels.
These are just a few specific issues that need addressing. Release 12 will bring the whole design environment into a much more polished and highly efficient process.

This is part of the roadmap and has not been started.