Release Notes v11.9.1


These release notes apply to cloud and stand-alone versions of Formever.

Additions and Improvements

Active Report Blocks

Now when defining a report block you get the option of saying that either
a field or text or a graphic element will respond to the mouse.

There are two modes:

  1. Action procedure – you can choose an action procedure that when the
    element is clicked it will execute that procedure on the form for that block
    and re run the report. For graphic elements (rectangle, ellipse,
    image) you optionally specify a definition that is true or false valued as
    well as a flag that says whether true makes it visible or false makes it
    In this way you can specify graphic elements that become visible when the definition is true and others that become visible when it is false.
    This allows you to switch between graphic elements when they are clicked.
  2. Edit form – this mode will just bring up the form for editing – when it
    is filed the report is rerun.

File Transactions In Different Period

Transactions can now be filed even if they do not belong to the current
period. In those cases a memo warning is displayed that has to be confirmed
to allow the filing. This is true for both selection lists and forms that
are being edited from an active report.

For example:
A JAN18 transaction could appear in a selection list in MAR18. This will happen if the selection list is not restricted to transactions from that period. If in MAR18 you open that transaction for editing then the warning memo will appear and you will have to confirm it with ALT-1 (option-1 on Mac) to enter the edit state. When you save the transaction it will be saved in its home period of JAN18.
Similarly that transaction could appear on a report and have an active field. If the field is set to the ‘edit form’ option then when you click the field on the report the form will appear. Again if you edit the form the warning memo will appear and require confirmation. When the form is saved it will be saved into original period of the transactions.

Resolved Issues


Known Issues

  1. The choice of being responsive to the mouse is offered in some
    cases when it doesn’t reply – like in the text block for a list for a form
  2. There are options for selection list sorting and selection that are being
    offered but are not implemented yet.