Release Notes v11.9.11 Build 1314


These release notes apply to cloud and stand-alone versions of Formever.

This is a production release on the production swarm. It includes all the 11.9.11 slipstream releases.

Additions and Improvements


Resolved Issues

  1. 4722 – The click area of numbers was off set. This was creating confusing results because the graphics behind the number was being triggered. The click area was adjusted for numbers and the graphics behind text is now able to handle the mouse click if the text is not active.
  2.  4724 – There was a problem with getting a form stack of referencing forms. The problem was caused by a large number of detail lines on a form. When there was over 141 detail lines the encoding was faulty and returned the wrong field index which caused a crash. The encoding has been fixed to allow up to a million detail lines.
  3. 4727 – when the field chooser was changed to divide the choices into categories the derived reference category was left off the choices for a referenced form. It is now offered.

Known Issues

There was an issue with out of period transactions fix that stopped entities from being filed. This was a major problem and required a hot fix that was released as 11.9.11 Build 1314