Release Notes v11.9.17 Build 1339


These release notes apply to cloud and stand-alone versions of Formever.

This is a production release on the production swarm.

This release was done to fix a crash with a new system. This would prevent people downloading Formever for the first time from trying it out. Also the starting layout they see was corrected for different screen sizes. Many adjustments were done to desktop widget sizes and the layout that is seen when entering the first normal accounting period was changed so that the widgets are placed correctly and the Director/DG widgets are drawn at the proper size. Close buttons were added to many widgets.
All in all this was a small release designed to make starting the system much better and rationalize the size and closing of desktop widgets.

Additions and Improvements

Resolved Issues


  1. 4818 – addition of two new features to the restful API – a list of Master Form summaries. This includes the form type, form name, entity?(entity or transaction) and a count of the number of instances of that master form in the database. The second feature is a list of the form codes for a particular master form. This just gives the form codes. A start and end index are optional to control the number of items being returned. If the end option is not specified it defaults to 1,000. So if no start and end are specified all the form codes are returned up to the first 1,000.
  2. 4827 – Crash starting new system caused by a change. That change was designed to handle the case when a Director didn’t exist in the period being logged into.
  3. 4829 – Fix to starting layout. Put all the widgets on a 5 x 2 grid of the screen. Had to handle the fact that the screen is re-sized after the initial layout is set up so it has to be re-set up every time the canvas size is initially re-sized. This happens several times on the Mac.
  4. 3815 – Put close button on Importer and Admin Operation Selector
  5.  4833 – Put close button on Dictionary Chooser
  6. 3596 – Fixed up currency exchange layout so exchange rates are lined up and size of widget is smaller
  7.  4835 – Increased size of calendar widget close button


Known Issues