Release Notes v11.9.10


These release notes apply to cloud and stand-alone versions of Formever.

This is a production release on the production swarm. It includes all the 11.9.10 slipstream releases.

Additions and Improvements

  1. 4701 – in the logical expression an option for "at least one is false’ was added. This is the negation of "all are true" and adds to the ability of the expression to easily express all logical possibilities.
  2. 4707 – added a feature to the form designer. There is now a button ‘import format’ that allows the director to choose a file name and writes an import template for that form into the file. This makes it easier to generate import files, because it sets up all the importable fields in the form in the csv file.
  3. 4719 -changed the restful api so that it returns fields in the JSON object with an id of the index of the field in the form rather than the field label. The index never changes but field labels can be updated. This was done to make the JSON data more predictable and avoid the need for recoding when form names are changed. The label is returned in the field data of the JSON object so it can be displayed by the app

Resolved Issues

  1. 4702- Issue with width of Export Designer – When there are a large number of fields on a form and when some of those have long names the export designer clipped the names on the right.
  2. 4717 – Technical issue that was copying the date/time and version to the wrong location on the server and hence they weren’t being updated on the download page.
  3.  4720 – Filing transactions in future periods has had problems. This forces the filing to be done in the period of the transaction based on the transaction form code period.

Known Issues

There are still issues with the click area on active reports.