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Restore Points

Use Restore Points to make a copy of your entire system prior to making significant design changes. For example, before adding a new master form or changing an existing master form. If you change your mind about the design change you can restore the system to its previous state. 

Restore points are for system designer use. Restore points are not for data backup.

Restore points are very quick to make, taking seconds. On stand-alone systems restore points are saved on the computer running your Formever system. On cloud systems restore points are saved on the cloud. 

Make restores points as needed. You can revert to any restore point

Any changes made after a restore point is created will be lost if the system is reverted back to the restore point.

Access Restore Points

Access the Restore Points form from the Administration Operations form. Click on the ‘Save and Restore’ button.

Restore Point Form showing options to save a restore point or restore to an earlier restore point


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