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Use administration operations to 

  • Create system restore points
  • Restore the system to a restore point
  • Manage access to third party web services
  • Install form kits
  • Manage account assets such as logos, background images
  • Activate/manage Formever cloud subscription
  • Purchase USB security keys (cloud)
  • Set security levels (cloud)
  • Switch to Form Design mode (cloud)

Some of the above are only available with Formever cloud systems.

Who Can Perform Administration

Only directors with administration access permissions will be able to perform administration operations. The executive director can always perform administration activities.

Accounting Operations

On stand-alone systems, while the system is in administration mode regular accounting operations will not be possible. 

On cloud systems, while the system is in adminstration mode regular accounting operations can continue until the director moves the system to Form Design mode. In Form Design mode design changes can be made to the system. For example, modifying master forms or report designs. Form Design mode activity requires all other directors performing accounting operations to log off the system. Once the design activity is completed the system is moved out of form design mode and regular accounting operations can continue.

Accessing Admin Mode

Switch to administration mode from operations mode using the Accounting Period switcher found on the desktop.  Click the button ‘Switch to Admin Mode‘ to move the system to administration mode. 

The accounting period switcher will show yellow caution warning to indicate the system in administration mode.

Click the button ‘Return to YSP15’ to switch back to accounting operations mode. The system will switch back to the accounting period it was last in. This period will also be shown on the ‘Return to … ‘ button.

Access Admin Mode using the Account Period Switcher
Account Period Switcher Showing System is in Admin Mode
Administration Operations for Stand-alone System


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