Be a Formever Designer

Better Serve Your Clients - Own More of the Relationship

If you are a consultant, accountant, business analyst or an experienced business person, you have an opportunity to deliver more for your clients.

With your expertise and your experience you are well placed to design the system that is just right for your client. In the past, odds were good that you were ignored and your carefully crafted specification was tossed. Old-school software is limited to doing what it’s hard-wired to do, so your specification would end up useless in the face of the software’s assumptions and limitations.

Now, with the Formever Design Environment you can deliver the solution yourself. You can go directly from the whiteboard to the working system, without needing programmers or complex infrastructure. You can bring your clients a big business solution for a small business price. It’s win-win:

  • You own more of the relationship,
  • Your client gets a powerful solution at far less cost and much sooner

With Formever you will deliver more. If you have an idea for a better system, a rationalization of processes, or some key data that needs to be captured, now you can implement that solution. In the past bringing in technology to solve a problem meant bringing in another person or a company with programming expertise. Formever takes programming out of the equation. The high-level interface uses drag-and-drop tools, list selection, and plain language so you can go directly from business idea to business solution.

If you were able to learn Excel, you can learn Formever.

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