Should I become a Formever designer?

Designers are not programmers. Programming is a hyper-detailed, time-consuming, ultra-technical job that consumes so much creative energy that you have little left over for business considerations.

Designing a Formever system is much more fun and incredibly more productive.  Formever allows a designer to concentrate on the real business issues of a system.

If you are good at spreadsheets and can handle all the difficulties and frustrations of using web sites then you are probably designer material. If people come to you for help with their computer problems then you are probably designer material.

If so then read on. This document is for you.

Why would you want to be a designer? Because there is a career opportunity here for you. Because you can make good money. Because Formever can make your work enjoyable.

It’s nice to have steady well-paid work, but to me it’s very important that my work be satisfying and enjoyable. Life is too short to deal with the tiresome low-level programming issues found on system after system. I don’t want to be stuck in some development project that drags on year after year with nothing but daily emergencies and heated client meetings. It is just too stressful.

That is why I built Formever.

Formever is satisfying because you see results right away. You can bend it to do the logic you want. As you get good at developing system with Formever it’s a great feeling. Formever tries to make sure that every key stroke, every click of the mouse is helping to build the system you want.

Formever tries as much as possible not to waste your time. We believe that your time is valuable and not something to be thrown away on technical minutia and unproductive tasks. This is a guiding principle behind Formever. I have spent lots of time on systems grinding out things that I was convinced that the software should have handled. Formever is my answer to that.

Formever allows you to have a positive relationship with your clients. It means that your clients will respect you and not think you are just some IT person who charges huge amounts of money for very little in results. If you want job satisfaction then this is a really big deal.

This is key to the whole philosophy behind Formever. We want clients to be respected, not treated as dumb “users.” That is why we call people who use Formever “directors”. It is a mark of respect as the ”user” word has become a pejorative, almost an insult. Formever respects business people as they are smart people who do things for very rational reasons. Every business is unique and if you look closely you will see that it has been optimized to work in its particular environment. Formever respects that and gives the power to capture an organization’s unique needs in a computerized system that supports those operations.

The key to Formever is also not getting between you the designer and your clients. Unlike other cloud services we do not require each director to sign up with us. That relationship is between your client and you. You control who signs into the system and what rights they have to do operations. You can remove directors from a system, change their password or force log them out. Formever just provides a ‘container’ that your system runs in. That container provides persistence of your data, backup of your data and strong security (encryption). It provides the tools for you to construct the business logic you need, but it is an authoring environment not a pre-done system that needs customization. That is a key distinction because it is you, the designer, that authors the unique business logic for your client. It is you, the designer, who administers the system. You can either do it yourself or delegate various admin rights to others in your organization or your clients.

Formever does not get involved in the commercial relationship between you and your client. All Formever does is collect a monthly fee for the cloud service. You get to keep all the profit from developing and maintaining the system. Whether you have the client pay the cloud service fee directly or you include it in your charges is totally up to you. Every jurisdiction has different levels of costs and different expectations of what various services cost. We leave it up to you, the local expert, to operate in a way that works in the part of the world you are conducting business in.

Formever can generate pretty much any system you want. 

Continue reading other articles.  They will further explain Formever to you. Some articles contain lot of advice on building a business around Formever.

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