What is a Formever Designer?

When we built Formever we wanted computer-skilled business people to be able to use it. We wanted business people not programmers to be able to build full featured multi-user systems.We realized that this required a kind of system creator. Not a programmer but someone able to use their Formever skills to build great systems. So we needed a name for these people. We call these people "Formever Designers". We mostly use the shortened terms "designers".

It’s very similar to the situation with spreadsheets. Business people use spreadsheets to implement their business logic. We talk about ‘building’ a spreadsheet. So I guess someone who builds custom spreadsheets for clients is a ‘builder’. Whatever you call them, spreadsheet builders are closer to the business side than programmers who use standard computer languages. A spreadsheet program, like Microsoft’s Excel,  is built by programmers using a language like C++ but business people just use the spreadsheet formulas to build their actual spreadsheets. Similarly the Formever software is built with Java by programmers but business people use the Formever forms designer and business logic tools to build their systems.

Building a system with Formever is more like designing than programming. Any time you specify logic for a computer you are doing a form of programming. Formever, however, is set up to make the process easy. You deal with business logic so you concentrate more on what you want to do rather than how to do it.

A lot of building a system is graphic design. Choosing colors, adding images, making reports readable and look really nice. Formever allows you to do all of this when implementing your clients brand appearance.

So a Formever designer is someone who uses Formever to build really good customized systems. A  Formever designer is not a programmer but a business person who wants to spend their time getting a system working quickly rather than getting tied up in the endless minutia of programming with general purpose languages.

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