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Hi guys

I stumbled on a brillant article of Dr Gutteridge on Medium and decided to try the software he talked about. here i am.

I am thinking now on use it for some business opportunities and i would like to ask few questions : Is Formever used on production , by designers who make a live on it? Or is it still on an experimental state ? Is there a self contained documentation for the software somewhere (like a book or a manual) ?

It seems that the combination to zoom out the items does not work (Ctrl /-) on Windows....

Anyway, Congrats to you all working on that awesome project and wish you the best.



Hi Sean,

Thanks for the post and the kind words about my articles.

Formever is currently being used by three companies for their operations. They pay money for the service but it is really a beta test program. There is not enough money in that to support a designer.

So I guess the answer to your question is that we are somewhere between experimental and production.

Currently we are working on a total redo of the UI using JavaFX. The whole UI will be changed and it will be much faster and easier to use.

If you are thinking of business opportunities I would wait for release 12 to come out.

Formever is also going to have a wizard for creating a cloud SAAS, all without programming. This will be part of release 12 as well.

I will look into ctl +/- on Windows. I thought it was working but you turn your back on these things and they start acting up.

Let us know if you want any further clarification or have other questions.




Thank you Dr Gutteridge, for your quick reply.

I will therefore wait for the next release, not without playing a little bit with the present version. I greatly admire the way you try to implement the good ol' paper-based system, to make business system easier to implement. That's a groundbreaking idea and i will make sure to follow closely this project.



Hi Dr Gutteridge

Any news about the new release?

By the way, i was recently reading a wonderful book titled " software and mind" by another programmer (a Phd, like you). I submit to you; an extract which destroys the relational database model. Hope you enjoy.


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